Masters of the KISS systems developed with you in mind, you really do not have to take years to understand the complexities of any marketing strategy, teaming up with us allows YOU to get on with what you do best while your new dedicated team will provide things you thought were out of reach, if you are a hard working army of ONE or millions.
Your solutions are right here with the fit just for you..

Contact us today and see how easy your marketing needs can be met regardless of what the end goal  or budget is.

Try  :
SMS marketing – whats your slow day?.. ask about our intro offer

PPC , Social media and Online display ads – right where your target market is, we find them and display by geo radius, demographic target and relevance

Do you know the ROI on text or any other marketing ?
So how much business are you missing out on?

Ask about our AMAZING service offer..
Do you have a mobile site ? Can you sms broadcast directly from your own site? We give you the lot at your fingertips, or do the lot for you at a price you will be amazed at.
You will have the cost benefit you only dreamed of..

So what was your slow day??

Mobile Apps – True apps or mobile bookmarks – very confusing but we can have you sorted in no time.

Your thoughts turned into action.  No fuss no bother.

As we have grown from the hard copy print world as well as the online world over many years,  we can help you reach your business goals in the most effective way.
From full copy prints of one offs to millions, to coordinated updates of print media to online presence.

When you know the value of your participating audience
(read – client, customer, patient, staff, member)
You know what and where to next. It is that simple

What you can measure, you can manage.

Some interesting quick thoughts..
The average business loses around 20 percent of its customers annually simply by failing to attend to customer relationships. In some industries this leakage is as high as 80 percent. Even more astounding is many do not even know or track this extremely costly fact..
This means the average business has to “gain” new growth base of 20% each year to “STAY STILL”
Then there are “DORMANT” customers – the ones still on the books but have taken no action.
Gives many business owners a false sense of their customer base.
The huge ongoing value of your current customer base..
These are your target market right here, how are you engaging them?
Customer Service – what is the true cost of fobbing off a customers issue
Do you measure returns, call backs, no shows?
Good service builds you fortunes in repeat business,
Poor service builds fortunes for your competiton.
Reputation management –  No matter what you are doing  is required to know what is going on as perceived by the end user. Do you have a way for clients to easily let you know what they think?.. The good, the bad and the ugly.
A complaint is a gift and can always be turned into loyal and often promotional repeat business. 

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