Can bring you many leads – but can be costly if you miss the ever changing updates required.

Are your ad Practices bleeding money?… “Between 12% and 64% wasted PPC ad spend is what our audits usually determine. Can you afford that?”

Best Practices

We know all about best practices in pay per click management.  Not only do we  follow them, we test them, over and over again to make sure that if we say something is best for your account – we have the data to prove it. Whats more, when the playing field changes tomorrow we know and move with it. Did you know there were over 246 changes to the adword platform in 2013.. We do and proactively moved with every one of them.


Best People

Anyone can claim to be a “PPC Manager”, but that doesn’t mean that they have the skills or experience to deliver the very best for your campaign. All of our account managers have proven their skills long before we even consider letting them near your account. It goes without saying that we only hire Google Adwords Certified staff. That’s a given, an entry requirement. But it in the same way that a Drivers License doesn’t make you a good driver, Adwords certification is the very least we demand. We test our staff rigorously, follow our own ever developing best practice methodology and benchmark ever account against it’s peers.

Best Technology

Professional Adwords account management needs professional tools. You wouldn’t consider surgery with a home first aid kit – you would insist on the best. Nor should you put your Adwords account in the hands of managers using amateur tools. We’ve tested 12 commercial PPC management platforms and none could meet our standards – so we built our own, and we continue to invest and develop it to give our account managers the best tools we possibly can.

Ask today about our free audit and see where you can improve your ROI. NEED TO   KNOW – Our standard  PPC – 101 You won’t find a list of standard features.  That’s because we don’t have one.  We examine the needs of your campaign, and we work out the most effective plan to deliver to your requirements.

Landing Page Development

Successful pay per click campaigns are about a lot more than ad clicks.  The landing page on your website that a visitor sees when they click your ads is just as, if not more important.  A well designed landing page can double or triple the return on your ad spend.  That’s why when our client campaigns demand it, we can design high converting, compelling landing pages that work hand in hand with your pay per click campaign.

Google Adwords Management

It’s all about your goals. Whether you want more calls, form completions or sales, we will work closely with you to design and deliver the right approach. Our team of certified professionals will ensure that we continue to improve your campaign performance, day after day, week after week, month after month. Every account we manage:

  • Gets regular hands on optimization – we NEVER set and forget your campaigns
  • Is stringently tested using advanced statistical analysis
  • Has remarketing campaigns (which you need to know about) as standard – because they work


Retargeting (or remarketing as it is often called), is one of the most powerful ways to boost your PPC campaigns to make them more effective. By showing targeted, appropriate ads to your hottest prospects in the weeks and months that follow their visit to your website we can entice them back to your website to make their enquiry or complete their purchase. In todays sophisticated online presence you have to be noticed, consciously seen, trusted, and then business can commence.

Call Tracking

Phone calls from prospects are often a primary goal for a pay per click campaign.  If you are paying for ads to generate calls then it’s essential that you know how many calls you are getting and which parts of your campaign are making the phone ring. Our advanced call tracking system means that we can account for every call that results from your pay per click campaign, deliver full call recordings and detailed analysis. How do you know what your returns are when you  spend money on generating phone calls with your pay per click campaign without tracking the results?

PPC AUDITS  $249 –
Find out where your ad Practices are bleeding money…
“Between 12% and 64% wasted PPC ad spend is what our audits usually determine. Can you afford that?”


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