Social Media

Works wonders if done correctly.
You start out thinking I can do this BUT if you are running a business it usually is not too long before you see how much time needs to be dedicated to meaningfully engage with your users.  Often this will be either left or moved to another staffer to deal with, pretty soon your hard work to gain a base is looking like a full time J O B and it gets left by the wayside..



We HAVE the solution that allows you to have full agency control, take aprox 40 minutes with us to get you setup and we take care of the rest..
Social Campaigns
o Email marketing
o Social posting
o Social marketing promotions
o Paid advertising
o Point based loyalty program
o Birthday loyalty program
*Including mobile execution of the above.
o Concept, graphics and text for campaigns and loyalty activities are included
o Campaign setup, execution, management, monitoring and reporting is included
o Per-campaign reporting and a monthly summary report is included
o Ongoing support included
o Dedicated account management – each month an expert account manager will help go over the following month’s campaigns and review last month’s insights together if required.
Management includes marketing orientation, setup, lite customization and execution.

Totally in your control (while we do it for you) with transparent reporting of your choice.. Weekly – By monthly.

Because YOU know your business it takes aprox 40 minutes to setup a campaign with your Account manager and leave the rest to us.. You will be amazed at the return that time can bring you..
Your Campaign is usually launched within 6 hours of your approval so you waste no time getting your end results.


Social Campaign Reps


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