Why You Should Have A Landing Page That Is Definitely Attractive To The Customer?

Let’s begin with an explanation of what is a landing page. A squeeze page is the page where the customer will end up when he clicks a sponsored link, a banner a treadmill of your ads (Adwords or other). This page has to convince the customer to stay in your website. This page must be relevant, intriguing and attractive.


Follow this advice to help you your landing page enables you to want to keep your customers especially to buy in your e-commerce.


First, you have to determine the objective of your squeeze page or what you want the client to entering in this posting. If you want the customer buys something, construct the products you need to sell. If you want the client is informed in regards to a product that is at balance or a new product, don’t place the products on your page.


And another of the most important is that you simply need to ensure the relevance of your landing page. The customer will click on an advertisement, a banner or link that interests him. If the landing page talking about something else that exactly what the customer expects, it will come out of your e-commerce as soon as he knows that the page is not to do with what he seeks. Example: You’re shoe salesman, you own an advertisement on your own kids’ shoes, the website landing page is the page that gives children’s shoes in your e-commerce. A customer really wants to buy shoes for returning to school for his children, he sees your ad, they click on it and end up in the pages of kids’ shoes to your e-commerce … the customer makes purchases inside your site and you also, you make money! By cons, if you do not turn the page of children’s shoes like a landing page to promote children’s shoe, the client shows your e-commerce and visits shop elsewhere.


Produce a page that draws the eye having its beauty, select a color palette that works well together and that is not too bright, choose sobriety and clarity. Avoid over-burdening your landing page and especially don’t fill the banner ad and elements that move constantly (like” Flash”). It wouldn’t have intended only to distract your customer and help focus on the goal you had initially looking for this page. Also, it is important that there are no spelling or grammar, it requires away credibility to your e-business and it could create distrust inside the new client.


In conclusion, ask yourself watching your squeeze pages if you, being a customer, you would like to shop in this e-commerce. Ask yourself: Do I really found things i wanted after i arrived in this article? Do I find this website enjoyable to watch and see? Does this e-commerce look professional? Is exactly what I would trust them? If, objectively, you answered” yes” to any or all these questions is that you managed to create landing page that may attract customers and they’re going to want to stay and get in your electronic commerce.


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