Which is Better – Get a Job or Buy a Franchise?

In this time of recession, a lot of people are looking for alternative ways to secure their financial situations. Sadly, the employees are the first ones badly affected by the consequences brought by economic downturns. But you must look at crisis as an opportunity. You may have lost your job, but there are other options for career growth. You can buy a franchise business instead of finding a new job. In fact, many jobless yet determined people nowadays consider owning a franchise for a business. Buying a business is easy when you know where to look. Check out GlobalBX.com – they have over 36,618 businesses and franchises for sale. Best of all it’s a FREE site! Your Future in Buying a Franchise Lucky are those who have a job that they are passionate about. But there are actually disadvantages in having a full-time corporate job. One major downside that employees face is the lack of freedom to experiment and try other things. Common issues of employees in the corporate world are fixed compensation, insufficient benefits, and fixed salary. Meanwhile, owning a franchise entails a different approach. Buying a franchise is of the most popular and safest means to enter entrepreneurship. For example, individuals who have had business management positions in their former companies now enjoy remarkable benefits from having a franchise business. Last statistics showed that 217,182 employees in the country were laid off. There is an alarming increase in the unemployment rate of 10.2 percent. This resulted to thousands of experienced people currently searching for new careers. These people may think about owning a business and buying a franchise. While there is no easy way achieve success, you can breeze through any hardships you may encounter in business management as long as you have the necessary skills, passion, and determination to make your franchise work. With the country’s economy slowly recovering, your chances of success are quite high; hence buying a franchise can be a very smart career move for you. Here are the benefits generally enjoyed by entrepreneurs in a franchise business: The Business Benefits of Buying a Franchise Buying a franchise will give you an impressive degree of freedom that you will never achieve from having a regular corporate job. Owning a franchise means that you are under the guidance and supervision of the franchisor or the parent company. It is a lot safer to buy a franchise than start a business from scratch. The franchisors are the ones to provide all the necessary training and assistance. All franchisors are well-experienced and established enterprises. The franchisor’s business model serves as the key formula of success of every franchise owners. The franchisor’s reputed name also gives you an immense advantage. The parent company also has advertising and marketing campaigns that you can utilize and benefit from. Investment money is no longer a problem in buying a franchise these days. There are third-party financial assistance providers and most franchisors offer financing to prospective franchisors. Do you now agree that buying a franchise is better than looking for a fulltime job? Make sure you do your research before buying a franchise or any business. GlobalBX.com provides a FREE business for sale exchange connecting business buyers, sellers and lenders. Search over 36,618 small business opportunities and franchise opportunities. Sell your business for sale for free with no listing fees and zero commissions. Contact over 300 lenders instantly and get financing for businesses and commercial real estate.
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