Methods to picking a quality PTFE Sheet Supplier

How To Choose Your PTFE Sheets Supplier

The process of choosing a new  PTFE (TFE) Sheet Supplier this can be a difficult, confusing and it can be very costly. There are many sectors and applications where PTFE – TFE Sheet materials are utilized, and many companies that want to be your source of supply. Having said that, it can be tricky to find a reputable supplier that meets all of your business’ Plastic Sheet needs. Here are some tips to assist you to find the supplier that is the best for your business, we have compiled this list of 7 things you should consider when picking PTFE – TFE sheet suppliers.

1. PTFE – TFE is available in a lot of shapes and diameters

Polytetraflouroethylene (PTFE) can be shipped in a wide range of different forms, including rod, sheet, thick block, rolled strip, slabs and tube. As your business flourishes, you may need to get a few additional sizes or forms – or perhaps your business is already using other configurations. Choose the proper PTFE Sheet Supplier that can meet not only your current needs, but future requirements as well. You can view further information about the sizes and shapes as well as and resin properties on our PTFE data sheet page.

2. There are a variety of PTFE – TFE Sheet thicknesses to choose from

It is very important to have access to a range of sheet thicknesses, as well as convenient and cost effective  access them all from one Sheet Supplier. For this reason, Industrial Plastic Supply offers sheet thicknesses ranging from .005″ to 3.0″, and rod diameters from .125″ to 6.0″. Film is also readily available. In addition to in stock availability, your PTFE Sheet Supplier should also be able to meet all of your Sheet sizes and needs. Standard sheet sizes are 48” X 48”, and films generally are stocked in 12” wide rolls.

3. Not all PTFE materials are created equal

Many PTFE – TFE Sheet Suppliers order materials from ‘who ever they can get it from’ on an as ordered basis. This brings up the question of quality and consistent performance to mind. There are many manufacturers, including several from China and Russia with unknown quality ratings and odd machinability, materials have been referred to as “grainy” or having a rough surface.  Before you commit to a new Teflon – PTFE Sheet Supplier, insure that the supplier is using a quality and reputable manufacturer, and that their quality of materials meets your needs. Finding out you are stuck with an inferior quality, a difficult or impossible to machine sheet of PTFE can be extremely time consuming and very costly.

4. Minimum material order amounts matter

Large Plastic Sheet Suppliers and other plastic suppliers can often have rather high minimum order requirements. This May be OK for high volume applications, but for a start-up business, or any business in a bind, it may be preferable to request a reduced order. Rather than work with several PTFE or Plastic Sheet Suppliers based only on order size, choose a supplier that can service any order, whether large or small. Industrial Plastic Supply has a rather small minimum material order of $20.

5. Numerous suppliers do not carry inventory in stock

Just like my Grandpa used to say, “You can sell from an empty cart”.

Buying your materials from a plastic ‘broker’, means that you may be waiting while they try to find the materials to fulfill your requirements. While this may be acceptable for materials that are rarely ordered, your PTFE Sheet Supplier should have your business’ most commonly used materials on hand. This avoids delays and ensures the quickest possible turnaround times on your important orders.

6. Industry understanding is essential

Most people want a Sheet Supplier that not only can deliver your materials, but answer any questions you may have, including the tough ones – whenever they arise. Identifing a quality Teflon Sheet Supplier with experience and knowledge and an unlimited availability to serve, will save your business lots of headaches in the long run. Industrial Plastic Supply’s highly trained staff has an average of over nineteen and a half years of experience in the plastic industry, and are only a phone call or e-mail away.

7. Choose a supplier that can focus

Having a focus on plastic materials for industrial use ensures that a supplier is specialized and knowledgeable enough to be your PTFE Sheet Supplier. By focusing on engineering plastics, such a supplier will be dedicated to your mechanical plastic needs. They may also assist with other needs, no matter the application, and no matter how your business changes. Your important orders will be processed timely and efficiently.  Since 1975, Industrial Plastic Supply has focused on exclusively on the high tech and machinable plastic field, and nothing else.

For more information on PTFE Sheets or any of the other plastic materials, contact Industrial Plastic Supply @ 866-832-9315. We will work to earn your business.


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