Leveraging the information in your business directory

Many people who own online or offline business directories don&rsquot realise they are on a treasure chest.  What exactly is this treasure chest you could ask?  The solution is right till you, it does not take information from the businesses inside your directory.

Without realising it you’re located on massive numbers of information that could be of usage with people.  Contemplate it.  You could have listings for builders and plumbers and electricians, but maybe you have considered that those companies are related?

For all you know Joe the builder might be looking for a good plumber, because the one which he’s been utilizing for many years is about to turn to another city.  Although Joe is listed inside your directory, he could not think about the fact that they will use your company directory to locate a new reputable plumber.  You alternatively can say for certain this and you can find a solution.

It is possible to introduce Joe the builder and Bob the plumber to each other.  If you’ve been using surveys to trace the buyer satisfaction of both Bob and Joe it is possible to introduce them to one another as reputable of their industries and possess the references to prove it.  And you may do this through merely studying the listings within your business directory.

In this way you increase the value of the firms indexed by your directory, which in turn builds loyalty and referrals for your directory.  It is just a win-win situation for all those concerned.

Now I could hear you stating that you won&rsquot necessarily know that Joe is seeking a fresh plumber unless Joe informs you so.  That is certainly very true, however you don&rsquot have to know this info.  All you have to do is always to send a contact to everyone your listings and remind them that should they be seeking businesses to deliver services they are able to use your directory to take action. What&rsquos more, you can let them know that you’ve customer opinions when they require it to exhibit whether some clients are reputable or otherwise not.

You will obviously require the permission of Bob to share his customer testimonials with Joe, but when they are good, it should not be a problem.

You may even leverage the info within your business directory further, by doing a bit of searches yourself.  No take much wise practice to figure out which industries are related and you can send all the doctors in the area a message informing them of the medical suppliers inside their position for example.  Not only does the doctor get details about a conveniently located medical supplier, nonetheless it can often mean business for the supplier, that can bring us back to the point of customer loyalty and value ads.

That’s it, networking, just another way in which you’ll be able to leverage the data with your business directory to add value to your subscribers.

These tips have been transferred through the friendly folks at PlsCallMe.co.za &ndash let whatever you are looking for help you find!

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