Kids and Camping

You won’t need bullet proof vests.That&rsquos what I told my oldest son long ago when I took him on his first camping trip. He was seven years old and now we&rsquod just pulled back the tent flap on one of several canvas tents provided at Cub Scout Summer Camp. The tent was brimming with Granddaddy Long Leg spiders and my son&rsquos face was full of apprehension.

He tentatively asked. “Sure, watch this.” I said confidently.

I entered the tent and gently blew on among the 8-legged arachnids. It started bouncing and moving it&rsquos legs and all sorts of directions looking to stabilize itself. My son almost fell to the floor in laugher. He chased every spider inside the tent trying to make it dance for himself.

His enthusiasm didn’t falter. We went to look at Each time we returned for the tent in that initial weekend trip, he wanted to be the main one to start the flap hoping that there would be another spider to produce dance.

The Benefits of Camping

Your, my son become an avid camper. In the past two years, he&rsquos spent 50 nights sleeping in a tent or beneath the stars. He&rsquos camped while it is raining and on a sunny day. He&rsquos pitched tents near campground parking lots (car camping) and hiked miles from the road during backpacking trips. He&rsquos even made debris huts away from sticks and instead gives off and spent the night in his emergency shelter. He enjoys all of it.

Camping is a great way to introduce young kids to new prepping skills. After a camping trip you are able to assist them to:

  • Overcome a fear of creepy crawlers.
  • Learn to create a fire and also to cook concerning this.
  • Find that these people need fewer supplies compared to might imagine.
  • Learn how to tie knots and earn camping gadgets like tripods or tables.
  • Become comfortable in the wilderness and also the noises they hear during the night.
  • Build confidence in their abilities to deal with things out of their comfort zone.

Most importantly, it&rsquos a terrific way to hang out with young kids, to purchase your relationship with these.

Recently, I took my 5 yr old daughter for my child first camping trip. She reduced the problem to pitch the tent, gather tinder and kindling, and gently blow the spark from my firesteel into a nice little flame. We roasted hotdogs generating s&rsquomores.

She was beaming with each new thing that individuals did that night. She could&rsquot wait to travel again. And neither can one. Click here for mor on bulletproof vests.

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