Get more website vistors by using social media.

It is now well established that website visitors tend to look for information online rather than searching for goods and services. A great percentage of website traffic enters the site, gets the information that they want and bounce off to another website, seldom contacting the website owner for more information on the products and services offered. To get your website visitors to show greater interest in what you offer, there are a range of techniques that can be used.

Offer your contact information on every page of your website including your email address, phone number and even address. Give the advantages of using your products and services over your competition. Make your website about them and how they can benefit from what you have to offer. Be sure you’re giving them reasons for choosing your company to help them with whatever it is you offer.

Social media trends fluctuate on a daily basis, and it seems that Twitter and Facebook are cornering the market on social media in general. The advantages of social media, besides being able to connect with people you haven’t talked to in a long time, involves getting the things you post indexed by search engines.

Twitter has seemed to dwindle off a bit in comparison to how it has been earlier this year. Users used to be able to put up a link to some impressive things on the internet, or even post a good quote, and get re-tweeted about 5 to 10 times. Now, that doesn’t seem to be the case, perhaps due to the paranoia that has been growing due to increased viruses etc.
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Though the internet is growing constantly and more people are getting online every day, it seems the demand for website design is slowing down. Perhaps this is directly related to our economy, or the fact that almost every business out there already has a website online.

Simply having a website doesn’t necessarily mean that you will receive the traffic you want to help your business grow. Using a content management system, incorporating the proper methods of search engine optimization and using a website designer that understands SEO could give you the leading edge over other websites online.

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