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Over recent times, mobile Internet consumption has increased in an exponential rate. A large amount of this could be due to the prosperity of smartphone devices like Google&rsquos Android platform, Apple&rsquos iPhone, RIM&rsquos Blackberry, not to mention Windows cellphones.

When phones first became Internet capable, it had been common for developers to enable their webpages to utilize the WAP browsers. Current smart phones less difficult better, the browsers use standards in-line using larger computer brethren. It has led many developers believe that you shouldn’t have to generate versions with their websites that work well with WAP browsers.

While that could be true, some provisions  must be made to insure that your particular users may have quick access on your content with all the slower Online connections given by their phones. Below i’ve outlined a few tips to ensure your site will suit your visitors on the cellular devices.


Creating a mobile version of your respective website starts with developing a sub-domain of your respective current site. Most users are becoming used to appending &ldquom&rdquo or &ldquomobile&rdquo so that your URL reads or After setting up a sub-domain, there is an choice in how we would like mobile site to be effective. Either it could be a mirror of one’s main sites happy with a custom CSS file designed for mobile browsers or decide to make an unbiased site that possesses its own content which you feel would benefit mobile users.


A simple way to a mobile compliant website is always to create a customized CSS file that targets mobile devices. By using the media type declaration on your own CSS file. By way of example adding:

<link rel=&rdquostylesheet&rdquo href=&rdquomobile.css&rdquo type=&rdquotext/css&rdquo media=&rdquohandheld&rdquo />

is only going to load the CSS file that you just define (mobile.css) when a handheld device is detected. Using this method may not work with all mobile browsers and devices, but should cover a lot of them.

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