Are you under attack and losing your business right now?

Would you even know?

Revealed: New WordPress Virus That Is
Infecting 76% of WordPress Sites, And How To
Find Out If You Are Infected…

PLUS: The 7 Steps You Can Take Right Now To Lower Your Chances
Of Having Your WordPress Site Corrupted By Hackers…

Dear Friend,

Did you know that computer hackers are writing malware for WordPress, and are destroying over 30,000 WordPress sites per day?

Each and every day new exploits are discovered for WordPress. That means there are new exploits for the very software that you are using right now.

Are You Using Any Of These Plugins With Known Vulnerabilities?

  • MailPoet – A New Exploit Allows Hackers To Send Tons Of Spam
  • WP Touch – Hackers Can Use The Upload Feature To Install Their Own Software
  • SI-CAPTCHA – A Recent Vulnerability Allows Hackers To Run Malware On Your Server
  • Last-FM Rotation – Security Hole Allows Hackers To Read Your Configuration Files
  • All Video Gallery – Lets Hackers Gain Entry To Your WP-Admin Panel
  • HDW Player Plugin – Recently Discovered Exploit Can Erase Your WordPress Database

Each of those plugins I mentioned have a serious security flaw that will allow hackers to gain control over, and even destroy your WordPress website. In fact, there were more than 50 new WordPress security holes discovered, just last week!

You generally won’t find out about these vulnerabilities until it is too late. You’ll find your WordPress site has been hacked, and all of your hard work and investment disappears in an instant:

  • Fact: 76% Of WordPress Sites Will Get Hacked At Least Once Per Year
  • Fact: Over 30,000 WordPress Sites Are Hacked Everyday
  • Fact: New Exploits Are Written By Hackers For Your Version Of WordPress
  • Fact: Most WordPress Admins Do Not Have A Disaster Preparedness Plan, And Do Not Make Daily Backups

The only real way to defend yourself against the steady onslaught of hackers is to be prepared, and have a crisis plan you can instantly put into action…

This “Crisis Plan” that will save your WordPress Site…

  • Always Keep WordPress And All Plugins Up To Date – Never let your WordPress software get outdated, because this allows hackers to gain control using known exploits
  • Never Use Server-Side Install Scripts – Did you install WordPress using Fantastico or Softalicious? These installation scripts leave your site vulnerable to hackers. Always use the “Famous 5-Minute WordPress Install” guide
  • Always Remove All Of  Your Unused Plugins & Themes – Keeping unused software on your WordPress blog is just one more ‘open-door’ for hackers to use, and old software might also interfere with new plugins, and cause your WordPress site to crash and become unusable
  • Always Limit Login Attempts – hackers use other software (called bots or robots) to try to gain access to your administrator accounts. Limiting login attempts will prevent bots from repeatedly trying to “break in.”
  • Improve Your Password Security, Today – Weak passwords are a hacker’s dream; change your passwords frequently; use numbers, symbols, and letters. Make your passwords more than 10 characters long
  • Make Regular Backups Of Everything – Backing up your site once a month is not going to help you if you get hacked 3 weeks after you made that backup. You need to make backups every single day…
  • Store Backups On Another Server – A virus on your web host will corrupt many of your files, and can even over-write your backup files! Keep your backup files on another server, so you can instantly restore a virus-free backup file.

By following the crisis plan above, you can save yourself a lot of heartache and money…

There Is One More Thing You
Should Know About Backups:

Good people, like you and I, spend all this time and money building a beautiful website, and we fill it with quality content, but most of us just ignore the fact that we can lose all of our hard work in just a few seconds, even if we have a secure password, and keep all of our software updated…

The unfortunate truth is:

  1. No Software Is 100% Secure And Invulnerable To Hackers
  2. Most People Never Make Effective Regular Backups Of Their WordPress Site

Whether through laziness or complacency, most website owners simply ignore the risks, and “hope” they never get hacked.

And when their sites end up getting hacked, these same owners are thrown into a blind panic, and pick up the telephone to curse and scream at their web host…

Do You Think Your Web Host Is Going To Help You If Your WordPress Site Is Hacked?

Think Again…

Did you know that most shared hosting accounts do not even make complete backups of your site files? They simply give you a tool to download the entire site in an archive file, but you still have to do this manually.

If your site is hacked, your host won’t have a recent backup of your WordPress site.

Many people will have to pay hundreds of dollars for their web host to “roll back” their hosting account, and hope that the backup (if they have one) is current. In reality, most web hosts don’t even keep a full daily backup of every site on their servers…

You Need Software To Do
WordPress Backups For You…

If your webhost won’t help you, then you need to help yourself, because not having a daily backup can mean the difference between a good day, and a day that you lose thousands of dollars in sales, or make the wrong impression with a client…

Now, it is simply not practical for you to manually make a backup of WordPress every single day. You need a system that automatically creates a backup of your important WordPress files, and stores them some place safe so hackers cannot get to them;

And you need this software to do this all on auto-pilot, so you never have to worry about your site getting erased, hacked, and corrupted, because you can instantly restore the website from this morning’s backup.

Introducing The ADB Auto daily backup system

Our software will instantly backup and restore everything on your WordPress site in just one click, and unlike most backup solutions, this plugin will allow you to automatically schedule unlimited backups, and save those files to a remote server, keeping them safe from hackers…

Here Are Just Some Of The Features:

  • Complete Scheduled Backups – safely backup your pages, posts, plugins, and content automatically every minute, hour, or day…
  • Restore Any Previous Backup In Just One Click – each backup file is date-stamped, and the plugin allows you to instantly restore any of them right from the interface…
  • Automatically save your backups to Amazon S3, Google Drive, Dropbox, or FTP
  • Create An Unlimited Number Of Backups – you will always have the latest copy of your WordPress site
  • Fully Network Compatible – Install The Plugin Once, And Backup Every WordPress Site On Your Domain

Don’t let complacency destroy all your hard work. If you are a WordPress webmaster, website host, or blogger, then you need this software.

Even if you don’t know anything about WordPress, this backup plugin installs in seconds, and does all the work for you. Follow the simple training, and you will have a proven system for backing up all of your important WordPress content, pages, plugins, and more.

Just set it up once, and never worry about losing your WordPress site to hackers again, ever…

With This Software, You Will:

  • Turn Any Hacking Attempt, Or Broken WordPress Site Into Something You Can Laugh About, Instead Of Crying While You Rewrite Your Content…
  • Never Worry About Having An Outdated Backup Of Your WordPress Website: Restore Everything Like It Never Happened…
  • Safely Store Remote Backups Of Your Websites To Amazon, Google Drive, Dropbox, Or A Secure Location Of Your Choice…
  • Rebuild Your WordPress Websites In Seconds, Not Weeks Or Days…
  • Instantly Restore Any WordPress Site And Plugins In One Click From A Single Admin Panel…
  • Save Yourself Hundreds Of Dollars From Over-Priced Hosting “Roll-Back” Fees And Restoration Services…
  • Make Full Copies Of WordPress Sites, And Plugins By Restoring Backups To A New Installation…

Our system will automatically backup and restore your WordPress site in just a few seconds, so you don’t need to worry about making regular backups yourself, and never have to fear using an older backup.

This software does it all, ensuring you always have the latest copy of your blog, online store, landing pages, or client website.

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Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: Do I need WordPress to use this plugin?
A: Yes, this plugin is WordPress software, and requires version 3.9.x or later.

Q: Can I use this on multiple websites?
A: Yes! You can use this software on an unlimited amount of WordPress websites.

Q: Can I sell this as a service to businesses?
A: Yes! Businesses owners can lose tens of thousands of dollars if their websites are lost; they may pay you $1,000 to make sure that never happens.

Q: Will this plugin work with other languages?
A: Yes! Most languages are supported.

Q: Are network sites supported?
A: Yes!
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