A Look At Some Of The Most Effective Promotional Merchandise Used Today

Using promotional merchandise is an effective way of telling others about your brand. These items can be imprinted with your company’s name, logo, or slogan, to be given away at trade shows, and conferences. They are great as gifts for consumers and corporate partners, as well. They are relatively cheap to produce, and rely extensively on creativity to be effective and because of this, these promotional merchandise are often used as part of a business’s guerilla marketing campaigns. The efficacy of promotional merchandise draws heavily from their usefulness.

Common day-to-day items can be transformed into effective marketing materials. In the following paragraphs are a few popular promotional items used around the world.


Examples of items in this category would include shirts, uniforms, hats, and jackets. According to the 2011 PPAI Report on Promotional Products Distributor Sales, wearables take up around thirty percent of the total promotional products used for that year.

Office products

Supplies used frequently in the office are a great way to improve awareness of your brand because they are likely to be used on a daily basis. Under this class are folders, pens, pencils, adhesive notes, and other stationery products.

Small electronics

According to a nationwide survey done by the British Promotional Merchandise Association in 2011, 21% of respondents say that USB drives are useful. Placing second on this poll are other small consumer electronic products like music players.


Promotional calendars are a perennial favorite not only by the companies giving them, but also among the consumers that receive them. Calendars are very effective marketing tools and a study done by PPAI even revealed that 74% of those who received them could remember the name of the company and 72% could remember the good or service advertised.

Tissue pack

The concept of tissue pack marketing was first developed in Japan, but it has since spread out to different parts of the world. This is usually done as part of guerilla marketing methods. Our website http://www.expresskoozies.com has a number of different types of koozies that you can use.


These are actually beverage sleeves made from neoprene, foam, or cloth and the variety of colors, and styles available make them easy to customize according to your needs. Customized koozies have impressive versatility. Because they are available in many colors and styles, having one made to match the visual elements of your brand is fairly easy.

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