3 Advertising Errors That Can Make Customers Run Away

You may think that marketing mistakes are generally isolated and specific to one type of marketing or another. It’s generally only the largest and most obvious mistakes made by big companies that get reported in the media. Errors in judgement and miscalculations are made by both solo entrepreneurs and CEOs of giant companies. This includes online and offline businesses of all sizes and varieties. For this reason you should be on the lookout for any marketing mistakes you might be making. Most mistakes, such as the ones we’ll be covering below, are quite easy to avoid once you’re familiar with them.

When you send emails to your subscribers, you might be building relationships with them or doing just the opposite. You’ll see even big companies not properly understanding this simple point. The same principle applies no matter what type of business is doing it. So many marketers forget this when they plan their email marketing campaigns. Human nature has not changed, but the demands on peoples’ attention have in the inbox. When you have sent half a dozen emails that are nothing but sales pitches, then it’s too late. It’s far better to take a lower key approach and focus on how you can help your subscribers.


No one seems to be without mobile phones these days. You could leverage your marketing funnels for this purpose. But you have to address the most difficult thing about all of your marketing sites. If you are going to market to people with mobile phones, then take into the consideration that the screens are tiny and there are older people in this group of people. This can make things hard for them to see, so think about this and account for it when you plan your marketing strategy.

You can ruin your business if you wait until the last minute to do things. This is likely to take place when you are a newbie. You have so many things that need to be done. You cannot wait until tomorrow to work on your brand. It’s easy to do because it has this vague quality to it and the sense of urgency is low on the meter. Keep in mind that marketing is all about making a first impression that lasts. You have to always find a way to work the brand.

In conclusion, you have seen some common marketing mistakes that can be made.
Always run your business in a confident and professional way. Bad things can happen, but that’s just how it goes. You can deal with anything! Remember that as you run your business day by day. People that are confident to worry about whether or not something is going to work. Mistakes are simply learning experiences that will teach you something beneficial. It’s all about maintaining a positive attitude, being confident and not getting mad at yourself when things go wrong. Good Luck!

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