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Google Ads Review

by Katie for www.perfectionplus.com.au

Your Ad Efficiency Rating is 22% (12 Out Of 55)

We have tested your ad below for mowing Brisbane, Queensland, Australia

  1. Bathrooms to Perfection


    0423 375 010

    Obligation free quotes
    24/7 Plumbing services
Test ID Description Score Max Score
1 Search term appears in the ad headline 0 5
Using the search term in the ad headline increases the relevance and click through rate of your ad by 15% on average, which in turn helps to reduce the cost of each click resulting in more, cheaper visitors.
2 Search term appears in the ad description 0 4
As with the headline above, using the search term in the ad description increases the relevance and click through rate of your ad,resulting in lower cost of each click resulting in more, cheaper visitors.
3 Use of Title Case in Headline 2 2
Title Case Is When The First Letter of Each Word Is Capitalized. When tested, 62% of ads that use Title Case, outperform the same ad using sentence case.
4 Use of Title Case in Description 1 1
Ads that use title case stand out, often increasing Click Through Rate by up to 5% compared to sentence case.
5 Presence of a review extension 0 5
Review extensions allow your ad to display positive third party reviews for your business. Not only do they increase your click through rate by up to 10% they also pre-condition visitors to be more likely to do business with you.
6 Presence of a phone extension 3 3
Want more visitors and calls? Showing your phone number in your Ad will typically increase your click through rate by 6-8%.
7 Presence of a location extension 0 3
If location matters to your prospects then you need your address to be shown in your ad. Whether you go your clients or they come to you, when your location matters, it needs to be seen. When an address is shown, a 10% improvement in click through rate can be expected.
8 Presence of a shopping extension 0 3
Shopping extensions are really important in increasing the click through rate of online merchants.They are not commonly used in lead generation campaigns.
9 Presence of sitelinks 0 6
Sitelinks(extra links under your main ad) allow you to increase click through rate and attract targeted visitors to your key website pages.
10 Presence of sitelink descriptions 0 6
Sitelink descriptions enable you to really sell your sitelink and driver click through rates ever higher. Extending sitelinks with descriptions is a simple, effective way to make a unique offer or other call to action.
11 Use of a Price indicator 0 2
Using a price point in an ad is a highly effective copy strategy to increase the quality and number of visitors to your site. If you have a competitive offer, test putting it in your ad.
12 Use of an offer indicator 0 1
Want to encourage prospects to do business with you – make them an offer. A high quality offer in your ad will attract many more targeted, qualified visitors interested in what you have on offer.
13 Use of url extension (text after “/” in display url field) 0 2
The url shown in your ad is an often overlooked opportunity to attract quality visitors.
14 Ad position 4 10
The top 3 positions in Adwords get around 64% of all Adwords traffic and the top 5 positions collectively account for 83% of all clicks. The lower your ad on the page, the more prospective leads you hand over to competitors.
15 Use of emotion words 2 2
Human beings act on emotion, and even the most hardened buyer will respond to emotional language in your ad. Ads with an emotional element to the copy are often in the top 5% of all our ads tested.
Total Score 12 55
Next steps

Your ad efficiency score is a good indicator of the overall health and performance of your Adwords account. It is though usually the tip of the iceberg and your Ad Efficiency Score of 22% suggests that your campaign will have elements of wasted spend and missed opportunities.
Free no obligation account review

To determine the size of the opportunity available, we can offer you a free review of your account. We will review all the major elements of your campaign, quantify the waste and the opportunity available and, present the results back to you. There is no cost or obligation whatsoever.

To book your audit email ppc@web-print.biz or call 1300 731 989 and we will start the process with you.

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